4 Ways To Spot A Thriving Neighborhood

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Sure, there are a lot of neighborhoods that are safe, tidy, and friendly, but if you’re moving your family to a new home, chances are, you would love to find yourself a neighborhood that is really an up-and-comer

Not only is this neighborhood where you and your family will be spending the bulk of every morning, evening, holiday season, and summer vacation, but to be less warm-and-fuzzy about it, the community surrounding your home also has a direct impact on the re-sale value of your property, if and when you choose to move again.

See if you can spot these indicators that your neighborhood is really thriving:


1. Dog-Walkers

If you see people walking their dogs around the neighborhood, it’s a good sign, since people generally only walk their dogs around areas they consider to be safe and friendly. Dog-walkers may also be more likely to stop and strike up a conversation with other neighbors who are outside washing their car, gardening, etc., which creates a more intimate and friendly atmosphere.


2. Kids Playing Outside

Similar to #1, kids playing out in the cul-de-sac is usually the sign of a safe and friendly community, but it also hints at the possible presence of younger families. Younger people in the neighborhood will probably be there for a good long while, and they may be more likely to invest in updating their home as time goes by, which never hurts.


3. Trees

So I’m a REAL big fan of trees, but everyone loves driving down a quaint, tree-lined street on their way home after a long day, right? What’s even better is when those trees are well-maintained, without mountains of debris or piles of icky, rotting fruit beneath them. If your neighborhood resides in a community that is overseen by an HOA, chances are, you’re not going to have that problem. But if not, it’s on the homeowners to take care of their yards, and let’s face it, not all are as meticulous as some of us.


4. Holiday Decorations

Let’s face it: there’s nothing like a neighborhood that is so closely knit and involved that it oozes with holiday spirit all throughout the last three months of the year. There’s really no better show of pride-of-ownership than a bomb haunted house display or an insanely jolly array of Christmas lights. Just as long as they don’t let that stuff stay there for six months after the holiday in question.

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