We love homes.

A home is Christmas morning and pool parties in the summer. It’s your family movie night, and that wine stain that reminds you of a great party.

It is where the most comfortable moments of our days are spent, and where some of our fondest memories are made.

Our team is passionate about homes, about people, and about serving our community through our expertise in real estate, so that we may guide our friends & neighbors smoothly along the momentous journey to a new home.

Just starting to think about moving? Not really sure where to begin? No problem!

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What We Offer

VIP Service

VIP Service

The satisfaction of our clients is our top priority. We treat everyone with top-quality service and are always available for you.

30+ Years In The Community

30+ Years In The Community

We have been living and working in this community for decades, and know its neighborhoods, people, and businesses intimately.

Fresh Insights + Negotiation

Fresh Insights + Negotiation

We differentiate ourselves from our peers by constantly modernizing and adapting in order to give our clients the most efficient service possible.

Buyer Services

Buyer Services

When you purchase a home, you should be confident that you are the one in control -- but we are here to support you every step of the way. Whether it is your first home purchase or your fifth, we will provide clarity and strategy to ensure your satisfaction and success.

Seller Services

Seller Services

We devote our uniquely modern skill set to every listing, and maintain a relentless need for quality and efficiency. With tech-forward marketing and a spot-on pricing strategy, we promise a stress-free, lucrative transition.

“I had met Courtney right when life seemed to be falling down around me. I could tell right away I wanted to work with her.”

Rachel S.

“I am so glad that we met and I feel very comfortable working with you.”

Caroline M.

“It is so good to have an ally our age to help us navigate the tricky system!”

Kelsey W.

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